Whether they visit our Collingwood store or call out our mobile locksmiths for a free on-site quote, a number of our residential clients ask about home alarms. Following our previous advice on ways to improve home security (making sure they have good quality locks on their doors and windows and knowing their neighbours), these clients want the peace of mind that only an alarm system can bring. To them, we recommend the Yale Easy Fit Smartphone Alarm, a modern, wireless home alarm that users can monitor remotely. This week, our blog team asked our locksmiths just what is so special about the Yale Easy Fit Smartphone Alarm.


A Smartphone-Compatible Home Alarm

The Yale Easy Fit Smartphone Alarm is a wireless home alarm system accessible from your mobile phone. Made by Yale, an Assa Abloy company, the same company that make the Aperio Access control systems, the Easy Fit Smartphone Alarm is a modern home security solution that integrates a number of your security devices and electronics, including house lights and smoke detectors.

What’s So Special About the Easy Fit Smartphone Alarm?

Users are able to arm and disarm their home security remotely. If they have the Yale Easy Fit power switch installed as well, they are able to use the app to control their home’s electronic devices too — no more worrying about whether you turned the oven off!

The Easy Fit Smartphone Alarm works like other home alarms — when triggered, a loud siren activates and your security company is notified. But unlike with other home alarms, Yale sends an email or push notification to Easy Fit owners, with PIR images and video. This helps homeowners understand what is happening at their property, as opposed to just “something”. They are also able to check the app to address the issue safely, whence they can disarm and re-arm the system, contact the authorities and check the property using PIR and camera technology.

Easy Fit Home Alarm Accessories

As standard, the Yale Easy Fit Smartphone Alarm comes with a control box; siren box; PIR; PIR image camera; door contact; remote key fob; and a keypad.

Most Yale alarm systems are compatible with door and window contacts, devices attached to entry points that trigger the alarm; movement and pet movement detectors; keypad controllers; remote key fobs; smoke detectors; and panic buttons. The Easy Fit Smartphone Alarm is no different. Users of the Easy Fit, however, can also have attached: power switches, allowing them to control their lights and electronic devices using the app; room sensors, so that individual rooms can be monitored, alarmed and disarmed; and PIR still and video cameras. And with the Easy Fit Home Alarm, all of these devices can be monitored in the app!


What Else?

Pet-friendly PIRs mean that your dog or cat can move around an alarm-activated home without triggering the Easy Fit, reducing the likelihood of false alarms. Of course, false alarms still happen, but with the Easy Fit, users are able to see what triggered the alarm by accessing the PIR pictures either on the app or online, and then use their phone to deal with the issue safely and remotely.

With the Easy Fit Smartphone Alarm, homeowners are able to part arm their homes, so that only some rooms are alarmed at once, protecting your family while they sleep. They are also able to connect smoke detectors to their home alarm app, deactivating the siren with a touch of a button, rather than a bash with a broomstick.

If you would like to know more about the Easy Fit Home Alarm or would like to organise an Easy Fit installation, contact us today. Amalgamated Locksmiths have over 30 years experience with home alarms and security. Our friendly staff will be able to answer any and all of your questions. We can even provide a free on-site quote to properly address your home security needs.

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