Securing the outside of your property requires the use of a residential locksmith service. Especially if you want to protect your home from intruders and keep your family safe.

When considering the best way to keep your property well-protected, there are numerous aspects that you want to consider.


Window Locks

Unlocked windows are a prime target for would-be intruders, so it’s important that you have adequate window locks installed and use them every time you leave your home unattended.

A residential locksmith will be able to have a look at the type of windows that you have and advise you of the best types of locks that you should consider.

Front Door Locks

Having your front door secured by a robust lock and key system will ensure that intruders won’t easily be able to get in. You might even want to consider one of the high-tech keyless locks that are even more difficult to break and will keep your home secure.

It’s especially important that if you have just moved into your home, to have the locks changed immediately. This means that there won’t be someone out there who still has a key to your home.

For added security for your family, you might want to consider installing video door bells. These electronic security devices allow you to easily see who is at the door before you open it. This is a great way to ensure your kids are safe too if you have to dash out for a short while.

Shed & Garage

When considering decent security for your property, don’t forget the garage and the shed in your backyard. Especially if you store items like ladders and tools in there because intruders can use these to try and break into your home.

If you have a remote door lock installed on your garage by a residential locksmith service, consider keeping the remote control inside your home rather than in your car. 

Front Yard & Backyard Security Cameras

Another important security measure that you might want to consider is having professionally installed security cameras both overlooking your front yard and even your backyard.

This could include CCTV cameras that will provide a recording of strangers that enter your property. This means that if someone has tried to break in, you’ll have footage that you can give to the police.

Install Motion Sensor Lights

As well as security cameras, you also want to install motion sensor lights. Most intruders will quickly go away if a light suddenly comes on in your front or backyard. These lights can even be placed along your driveway if you live in a rural area and have a long driveway to your front door.

To save on energy costs, you can even get motion sensor lights that are solar-powered.

Install a Gate Lock

If you have a fence right around your property with an entry gate, consider installing a lock on the gate as well. This makes it even more difficult for intruders to enter your property and will often deter them completely.

Ultimately, you want to engage a local residential locksmith service when it comes to securing the outside of your property. This means that you’ll have complete peace of mind that your home is safe and secure. Plus, you’ll also have the advantage of having access to an emergency locksmith who knows your property in the event that you’ve locked yourself out.