As your emergency locksmith in Port Melbourne, we constantly monitor current crime stats in order to provide all of our clients with the best in both home and business security.

Port Melbourne has undergone major gentrification over recent years and is now regarded as one of the best inner-city suburbs for young families and professionals. It has a very social vibe with plenty of bars, pubs, clubs, cafes, and restaurants.

When you live in Port Melbourne, you’re not only close to the city but you also have easy access to a very nice beach and possibly even ocean views. The atmosphere in Port Melbourne is both quiet, friendly, and lively, depending on where you live.

Plus, there’s the convenience of being close to Station pier if you’re planning to go on a cruise or want to take a boat out onto the waters of Port Phillip Bay. And, you can walk or cycle for miles along the beach in either direction.

Crime Stats

Port Melbourne locksmiths are pleased to provide the latest crime stats that have been collated by the Crime Statistics Agency of Victoria. These outline the crime rates for our suburb in focus.

Types of Crime Port Melbourne Crime Stats 2022 Port Melbourne Crime Stats 2018
Robbery 4 8
Theft 545 946
Deception 78 109
Burglary/ Break & Enter 711 203
Breaches of Justice Order 95 92
Property Damage 109 131


For Port Melbourne residents, it would be no surprise that overall, crime has reduced substantially over the past 4 years. Although the incidences of burglary and break and enter have increased, most other types of crime are substantially lower.

In Summary

Looking at the stats, you would definitely surmise that it’s vitally important to engage your local Port Melbourne locksmith to ensure that your home and business are secure from any possible break-ins.

It might even be time to contemplate investing in one of the up-to-date electronic security systems for your property. This is especially prudent if you’ve just purchased a home, unit, or apartment in Port Melbourne.

Business owners should also have a look at installing a comprehensive access control system by one of our mobile 24/7 locksmiths. This will give you complete control over who can access certain areas of your premises.

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