In 2001 Salto Systems established a simple yet efficient access control system. This battery-powered electronic system means that both commercial and residential buildings can have high quality access control without intrusive or costly wiring systems installed.


Salto wireless lock systems are used in offices, universities, stores, healthcare practices, airports, schools, government buildings, hotels and residential homes. That’s right. This versatile security system can be adapted for any situation or application. And this is why.

Why use SALTO Commercial Security?

Salto provides a secure and convenient environment for employees and external staff in a commercial application because of the following:

  • It is an unobtrusive system that uses the natural movements of groups of users within and across the individual areas of the facility to maximise security
  • Salto systems can be applied to elevators, letter boxes, lockers or machinery to protect against theft
  • It can optimise the use of individual areas of the building with a flexible access plan for conferences and special events
  • It is efficient in handling high traffic shift changes due to the technology’s ability to read access quickly and seamlessly
  • It can be easily adopted into existing systems because of its Physical Security Information Management Systems (PSIM) and building management systems

Flexibility with SALTO

No client’s security issues are the same, that is why Salto has designed a system that is both flexible and effective in securing property. Salto provides expert fob, key and code-based locks perfect for clients requiring state-of-the-art security for their commercial buildings or residential homes.

Amalgamated Locksmiths – SALTO Commercial Security

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