If you are a business with multiple employees it’s important to have security measures in place. You need to keep your staff and your assets safe. The more staff you employ, the more difficult this becomes.

With each employee comes added risk.  Employees, being human, can lose keys, compromise security. This leaves you and your property vulnerable.

It might feel like the only solution is a Get Smart style security system for every employee! But if that’s not possible, try our expert tips to manage security for a business with multiple employees.

Security tip #1: establish security boundaries

Outline clearly to employees what is acceptable. It’s important to and build a culture around security. Employees need to clearly know what is and is not okay around your business. Often what is written in the rule book is contradicted by the employees. Subsequently, new team members quickly learn the drill whilst observing others.

So do you need a shakeup? If so, call a staff meeting and introduce new security measures. Introduce a new security policy. Add security measures to your employee contract. Overall, make it clear what kind of behaviour is acceptable. Some things you might want to consider are:

  • Use of key cards or keys and penalties for losing them
  • Protocol around admitting guests to the property – visitor log in book, badges, etc
  • Departure of staff – make sure to get any keys or key cards back
  • Quickly change passcodes if disgruntled staff pose a risk to your business
  • Habits around locking doors and windows after use

Security tip #2: conduct an audit

Conduct an assessment of how your staff access and use your property. You want to identify any weak links. Are there any doors or windows that aren’t part of the security system? Is the system streamlined and easy to use? Are there too many spare or old passes? Any keys floating around the workplace? Are there random keys sitting in an office drawer? Spend some time considering how your staff use the space. Then, ask around your industry and find out what others are doing. This way, you might gain some tips from similar types and sizes of business.

Security tip #3: update your technology

Consider an upgrade to a more sophisticated lock system. Ideally, one that will give your employees ease of access whilst still keeping your property safe. Our expert locksmiths recommend the Lockwood Cortex digital door lock. It offers many excellent features. It uses both pin number access and card swipe entry (or a combination of both). Businesses love it because it creates a unique code for each employee. It is designed with businesses with multiple staff in mind. So, if you want a sophisticated digital door lock system, try the Lockwood Cortex. It makes managing security and staff arrival and departure is easy and reliable.

Want to make sure your business has the best security for your budget?  Then contact us today for a free consultation and quote from an expert commercial locksmith.