A few months ago, we wrote a blog about how homeowners (and renters!) can work with their neighbours to improve their domestic security. We cited a survey that found most people would be happy to do more to help their neighbours, but few had made the first move. Since then, we have published a number of blogs on commercial security, such as on fire safety and street lights. We got to thinking: if homes could work with their neighbours to improve their neighbourhood security, couldn’t businesses too? So, this week, we asked our Melbourne locksmiths to brainstorm a few ways businesses can look out for each other.

Common Area Security

Businesses must work together to protect common areas from theft or property damage. Different businesses use their exteriors for different reasons. Some may have signs or A-frames, others may have chairs and tables and heaters, for the public or for their own break-time use. Leaving these out at night is a surefire way to tempt thieves and vandals to your property. It is good practice, then, to bring them in at night. If your neighbour has left theirs out, bring it in for them and leave a note.

Motion Sensor Lights

Common areas are less likely to be vandalised if they are well lit and monitored by CCTV. Motion sensor lights are a great way to draw attention to someone who doesn’t want any, i.e. somebody skulking around your premises. These lights may also startle potential burglars, warning them to stay away.

Neat and Tidy

Keeping areas neat and tidy, i.e. by bringing in the chairs, pot plants, A-frames and so on in the evening, leaves fewer things to be stolen or vandalised. It also leaves fewer things for prowlers to hide behind should they trigger a motion sensor light, or the interest of a passer-by. Empty boxes, an untidy rubbish area, and poorly lit corners are excellent places perps like to hide, so they are more likely to target businesses with a messy exterior. By keeping your area clear and well-lit, you are reducing the chances of being burgled yourself, as well as reducing the chances for the businesses around you too.

Protect Yourself

Once one business is broken into, it’s much easier for other businesses in the same building to be as well. Once a thief is inside, they may be tempted to take time to scope out the other offices, stores or restaurants. They may find your spare keys, say to the shared bathroom or fire exit, and make copies for easier access next time. By strengthening your own commercial security, you are also protecting the businesses around you. Invest in secure locks, an access control system or restricted key system, and service your safe regularly to protect not only your business, but also your neighbours’.

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