We introduced the Suburb in Focus series in May last year. Since then, once a month we have used data from Crime Statistics Victoria, the state’s official crime statistics reporting agency, to look at the most common offences in our mobile locksmiths’ most frequented suburbs. For a year now, we have reported on the burglary, property damage and arson statistics in Melbourne’s inner and northern suburbs. The CSV have since updated their records, giving us the opportunity to compare the most recent data with last year’s findings. So, we begin the series again, this time starting with Fitzroy.

Top Five Offences in Fitzroy

Last year’s Top Five were:

  1. Theft (994 offences)
  2. Deception (355 offences)
  3. Burglary/ Breaking and Entering (237 offences)
  4. Assault (237 offences)
  5. Property Damage (207 offences)

2016’s Top Five offences were:

  1. Theft (1,157 offences)
  2. Deception (356 offences)
  3. Burglary/ Breaking and Entering (241 offences)
  4. Property Damage (208 offences)
  5. Assault (195 offences)

Theft in Fitzroy: a locksmith’s guide

Theft is not going to lose the top spot any time soon. There were almost triple the number of Thefts reported in Fitzroy than the second most common offence, Deception. Theft includes holding on to property that you know isn’t yours as well as receiving stolen goods. Not all theft occurs during break-ins, but a secure home, car and business is still the best way to keep your possessions safe from the sticky-handed.

Talk to us today about how to secure your home and your possessions against theft. Our mobile locksmiths are in Fitzroy every day, supplying and servicing safes, replacing and rekeying locks, and updating access control systems for homes and businesses.

Preventing Property Damage

CCTV and sensor lights are imperative for safer common area security. Motion-sensor lights are also great for homes and businesses. Rather than having a perimeter light on permanently, motion-sensor lights are activated when a prowler walks passed. This makes them more likely to be spotted, as the light acts a little like an alarm: alerting the owner of the home that someone is around; and warning the burglar they better scram. Motion lights and CCTV stop people loitering for too long, we often recommend them to homes and businesses in built-up areas like Fitzroy. Remember, the better lit and monitored an area is, the less likely there are to be loiterers, the harder it will be for burglars to hide, and your home is less likely to be broken into.

Whether you are renting or own your own home in Fitzroy, our locksmiths will have domestic security solutions for you. We help a range of residential clients every day create safer homes for themselves and their families. Offering free on-site quotes, we can create residential and commercial security solutions to fit your needs, so call our mobile locksmiths today.