Every month, the team at Amalgamated Locksmiths break down the crime statistics of our most frequented suburbs. Our mobile locksmiths deliver emergency locksmith services, free on-site quotes and installations across Melbourne’s suburbs. This month, we are looking at South Melbourne. Last month, we talked about Richmond’s crime rates.

This month, Amalgamated Locksmiths are focusing on South Melbourne. As ever, we take our statistics from the Crime Statistics Agency of Victoria (CSV),  who have been the state’s official crime reporting body since 2013. We check the data against that reported by the RACV.


The Top Six Offences in South Melbourne

For the year ending September 2017, the most reported offences in South Melbourne were:

  1. Theft (1,018 offences reported)
  2. Deception (283 offences reported)
  3. Burglary (194 offences reported)
  4. Breaches of Orders (163 offences reported)
  5. Assault (155 offences reported)
  6. Property Damage (148 offences reported)

Including 9 Arson cases, there were 1,369 property-related offences (including Theft, Property Damage and Burglary) in South Melbourne in 2017. There were more Thefts than any other offence, occurring roughly three and a half times more than the next most common offence, Deception.

The total number of property-related offences remains almost the same as it was in 2016. There were 23 fewer Property Damages, and 21 fewer Burglaries. Overall, however, there were five more property and deception related offences in 2017 than in 2016. The 44 fewer Property Damages and Burglaries were made up for by the 40 more Thefts and 19 more Deception-related crimes. Arson dropped from 13 total cases to 9 in 2017.

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Join us next month for another Suburb in Focus. Until then, be sure to check in each week for more locksmith news and security tips. Meanwhile, why not read some of our other Suburbs in Focus? Previously, we have covered: Coburg; East and West Brunswick; Brunswick; Preston; Melbourne CBD; Carlton; North Melbourne; Northcote; South Melbourne; Abbotsford; Fitzroy; and Collingwood.