Access control systems are suitable for a range of different businesses and are particularly important because they allow the business owner to have control over who has access to which areas of the business. This means that sensitive data and business assets can be protected from people who don’t need to access these.

With a proficient control system, you can allow access to certain areas of your business for only a limited number of staff. You might even have areas which only you or your manager should have access to and this can all be set up for you.


Benefits of Access Control Systems

These systems allow business owners and managers to monitor the movements of their staff and customers to ensure the complete safety of all data and assets. Plus, limiting access to certain areas of your business premises also provides safety for your staff and customers.

Here are some of the primary benefits of access control systems:

  • Business owners and managers have control over who has access to all and specific areas of the business
  • No need for traditional keys that can be lost or stolen
  • Protects against unwanted visitors, especially into sensitive areas
  • Creates a safer work environment

What Types of Businesses Would Benefit from These Systems?

Access control systems are suitable for a wide range of businesses including office buildings, retail stores, factories, warehouses and storage facilities. These types of systems are also ideal for schools and other educational facilities.

What Are The Main Control System Brands?

The main brands that are highly regarded for these systems are:

  • Salto KS
  • McGrath
  • Inner Range Inception
  • Bosch

Here’s a rundown of the major pros and cons of each system.

Salto KS

Features a mobile app that allows you to monitor access and includes both unlocking remotely as well as blocking access using your smartphone or mobile device.


  • Locks can be accessed using the app or a fob
  • Cloud-based access control
  • Easy to set up
  • Intuitive web or app user interface
  • Suitable for small businesses and those with multiple branches


  • Wireless option only and this requires an annual subscription


Offers complete flexibility for setting up access to different areas of your business. Also suitable for homeowners who want to upgrade their security.


  • Locks can be accessed by using a pin or a card
  • There’s also an app that can be used to open the locks that can be networked
  • Suitable for both homes and small businesses
  • Offers battery backup in the event of a power failure


  • Not suitable for high-traffic doors
  • Managing a large volume of users or doors can be difficult

Inner Range Inception

Perfect for larger organisations or businesses as it can accommodate up to 128 doors and up to 1000 users.


  • Flexible zones and access levels
  • Locks can be accessed using a fob or a pin with the option for 2FA
  • Scalable from 1 door to 128 doors
  • Total security with alarm and access control
  • Ability to arm and disarm with the same fob or pin on entry and exit
  • Offers battery backup in the event of a power failure


  • Hard wired only
  • Hardware can be expensive


A high-end system that is mainly suited to large organisations.


  • Locks can be opened remotely and other access options include a keypad or access card
  • Can be integrated into other Bosch hardware such as alarm systems
  • Option of extras such as biometric readers or pin-only readers
  • Offers battery backup in the event of a power failure


  • Mainly suited to larger organisations or businesses

What to Look for When Choosing the Right Access Control System

When choosing which system is right for your business, you want to consider the size of your business and your security needs. There are systems that are better for small businesses and then, there are those with a whole range of different features that would suit larger organisations.

You also want to decide the type of security systems that you want and whether you want this integrated with additional items such as alarms.

Lastly, it’s important to factor in your budget as this will determine the system that falls within your price range.

Smaller systems like the ones McGrath has can set you back just a few hundred dollars. On the other hand, more complex systems like those from Salto KS and Inner Range Inception are more expensive.

In Summary

Choosing the right control system for your home or business can be confusing if you’re not exactly sure what features you’re going to need.

We have a high level of experience with these systems and can give you expert advice on which system would be perfect for you. We can come to your business premises and have a look at your current set-up. We can then discuss your needs and recommend the perfect access control solution for your business.

So, why not contact us today on (03) 9419 6922.