When is a lock not really a lock? When it isn’t working as it should be. While having a lock on your door is a good deterrent to would-be thieves, a malfunctioning or weak lock won’t put off anyone for long.

An emergency locksmith can repair or rekey your locks, which is sometimes all your existing lock needs to work as it should. But there are times when a complete lock replacement is recommended. Review our list below to find out if your locks may need replacing.


Broken or Malfunctioning Lock

Over time, the mechanism in your lock can wear down. You may notice that your key doesn’t turn as easily as it used to or it gets stuck in the lock, especially during colder weather. Your old lock may also have rust, tarnish or other visible signs of wear that will only get worse as time goes on.

An old lock is also more vulnerable to being picked by even a half-decent lock pick.

While a simple repair might be possible, if you’ve got an older lock then getting it replaced is often the better option from a financial and security basis.

After A Break In

The force of a break-in can irreparably damage the mechanics of your lock. This could make you vulnerable to a future break-in, or even cause the lock to stop working altogether, leaving you out in the cold.

An emergency locksmith will examine all your existing locks and let you know which ones need replacing after a break-in. They can also advise you on improvements you can make to your home’s security to protect you better in the future.

Your Locks Are Inadequate

If you’re worried about the security  your current locks provide then an upgrade is the only solution.

Perhaps you’ve got new security requirements – say you’ve recently bought new garden tools and need to upgrade your current shed or garage lock to protect your investment.

Or you may have realised that your old locks are just generally too weak – if they feel flimsy, often they are. An emergency locksmith isn’t just there for those moments after your home has been burgled. Calling in a locksmith to check on your home security and upgrade your locks is a great way to ensure you won’t be burgled in the first place.

You Want To Do Away With Your Key

Perhaps you’re constantly losing your keys. Or you need to give other people temporary access to your home and you don’t want to stress about them potentially copying a key.

If you’ve had enough of keys altogether then Amalgamated Locksmiths can install a keyless lock on your entry doors.

Keyless locks can usually be added to existing doors without the need for wiring. You’ll be able to access your home by using a keycode or a touch screen, which you can change at any time for peace of mind. Some keyless locks also work by scanning your fingerprint – the ultimate way to ensure only the people you want to have access will do.

The mobile locksmiths from Amalgamated Locksmiths carry a range of locks and other security products with them so they can repair or replace your existing locks as quickly as possible. If you’re worried that your locks may not be as secure as they should be, then call us to arrange a security check.