Thieves love Christmas!

A simple stroll past your business (or check on the website) and they’ll find out when you’re reopening after the summer break. This gives thieves plenty of time to plan a heist on your empty business premises.

Thieves often target small businesses. It’s because smaller operators tend not to invest in high level security like the larger businesses do.

Here’s some expert tips from our commercial locksmith team on what you can do to keep your business more secure this Christmas.

Business security tip # 1: invest in motion sensor lighting

Motion sensor lighting helps create the illusion that your property is occupied, and helps gain the attention of passers-by, which is enough to deter would-be thieves targeting your business. It also gives the impression that this is a highly protected premises that is likely to have installed many other security features. They might choose a less secure business instead.

Business security tip #2: arrange regular visits

Mail piling up in the letterbox, bins left unattended: these are sure signs that no one is checking your business during the closure period. Make time to visit your business regularly, or have an employee do the job. Give the property a check over, tidy up and make it seem occupied. Anyone watching the building will know the business is closed but will observe that employees are still visiting. This is a valuable deterrent – thieves prefer to target empty businesses.

Business security tip #3: install locks on windows

Before you depart for the break, install locks on all your windows – even the smaller ones. Thieves prefer not to smash a window if they can gain access through an unlocked window, so make it harder for them with locks on everything.

Business security tip #4: update your alarm

Check over your alarm before you leave, ensuring that it is in working order to last during the closure period. Consider installing extra alarms for levels that aren’t covered, like second or third floors or back and side entrances.

Business security tip #5: move locks away from windows and use deadlocks

As much as possible, keep locks away from windows that can be smashed. Thieves can smash a window then extend their arm through to open a door from the inside. If moving locks aren’t possible, make sure to deadlock doors so that they can’t be opened from the inside while you are away.

Want to be sure your business will be secure this summer?

Contact us for an expert locksmith to check over your business and suggest security improvements.