Keys are so 2015.

If you are looking for a stylish and high tech security solution, Lockwood’s Cortex digital door lock is certain to impress.

Amlock is now a stockist of this sophisticated new door lock. It gives you a remarkable range of security features to protect your property and make life more convenient.

This is the ideal security solution for commercial businesses, giving employees ease of access with individual pins and allowing temporary access for contractors, trades and visitors.

Pin number entry

Simply key in your pin number for instant entry to your property.  You can allocate up to 20 pins, giving each staff member their own unique pin access code.  The user simply activates the keycode with the palm of their hand, then their pin and presses the unlock button to gain instant access.

Different pins for different users

The chance to give pins to different users provides maximum convenience.  It’s great to use to give each employee a unique pin, which can be changed if they leave the company.  The rest of the staff won’t need to change a pin each time someone leaves employment.  Simply change the code for the departing employee and they will no longer be able to enter the building.

Allocate pins that expire

Using a short term contractor? You can give them a pin with an expiry date. Simply specify the pin number and its expiry date and the pin will stop working when it expires.

Card access

The Lockwood team have thought of everything. If you hate using pins, you can use a card to access the property. You can allocate entry access to up to forty cards. This is handy if you’d rather give someone temporary access. Simply give them the card and they can return it when it’s no longer needed. The card is easy to use, just hold it to the digital portal and wait for a beep to indicate the door is unlocked. The cards have no indication of your office location or address, so anyone finding the card will not know what it’s used for, giving you peace of mind that a lost card is not a security risk to your business.

Added security with cryptic code

If you don’t like people seeing you use your pin, you can enter it in cryptic mode. Simply enter a random selection of numbers, then finish with the last four digits of your actual pin and the door will unlock for you. This prevents visitors coming inside with you observing and memorising your pin.

Battery operated

The slimline lock requires four AA batteries for usage, but its energy saving features means it will last for 18,000 pin entries and 40,000 card entries before fresh batteries are required.

Extra security features

For both pin and card entry, the door will relock five seconds after it’s activated. So you don’t need to worry about locking the door after you enter your office. You can extend this entry time for users who need more time to access the property – for example those with a pram, mobility issues or wheelchairs.

Dual access – use card and pin

For added security peace of mind, you can restrict entry to users unless they have both a card and a code – meaning anyone who has found the card won’t be able to access the property without the code. You can also use this to give one user the code, and the other the card, meaning both will need to be present to unlock the door.

Keep door unlocked

Having a big meeting or party and don’t want to keep running to the door? You can set a time period for when the door is unlocked. The door will remain unlocked until the specified lock time when it will automatically relock itself.

Still like keys?

If you like the option of using keys to enter the property, or simply want an emergency backup option, the CTX5782 and CTX3772 models come with the option of keyed entry as well.

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