What is an Access Control System?

Access Control is the restriction of access to a place. If you have an office or facility that requires multiple people to access different areas, then access control is the type of system you need. Access Control does not have to be limited to commercial properties, it can be useful in residential properties with multiple residents as well.


Access to all with one card

If you need your employees or residents to be able to access multiple areas – say the pool or gym in a residential building, then one access card can do it all. There’s no need for multiple cards. The electronic nature of the cards means that access to certain areas can also be recorded so property owners and managers will be able to gather information about access when needed.

Remote Access

Another huge advantage of an access control system is that you can grant access remotely. Therefore, you don’t need to give access cards to contractors or housecleaners who may only work certain days or hours, but you don’t need to wait around for them to arrive either.

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