It’s been voted the most liveable city in the world and for good reason. Cafes, libraries, clubs, pubs, shops and entertainment are easily accessible in the Melbourne CBD. Although an inner-city lifestyle may not be for everyone, it certainly has its advantages – especially if you work in the city. You’ll be in walking distance to some the greatest cuisine in Australia, and you can saunter down the cobbled streets and appreciate the artistic graffiti walls while you search for the perfect restaurant to tickle your taste buds. There’s also a lot of greenery around – the Botanical Gardens and the Yarra River provide a welcome escape when you need a break from the rat race or some exercise to work off the weekend’s indulgence.


But our job, as locksmiths, is to look at the crime rate. Is it safe to live or work in the CBD? What security measures should you take for your home or business?

The Top 5 Offences in Melbourne

Every month we take the crime stats from Crime Statistic Victoria (CSV), the official crime statistics reporting agency of Victoria.

The last time we covered the Melbourne CBD in March 2017 the top crimes were Theft, deception, breaches of order, Disorderly and offensive conduct, and assault.

As of May 2018 the top 5 crimes are:

  1. Theft – 5298
  2. Disorderly and Offensive conduct – 1942
  3. Breaches of orders – 1886
  4. Deception – 1677
  5. Assault and related offences – 1626

Amalgamated Locksmith

If you own a store, business or residential property in the Melbourne CBD – it is definitely worth doing a security audit of your property. With theft being the most reported crime in the CBD – you don’t want to leave your property or store vulnerable to opportunistic thieves. If you would like some advice on the best security solutions to will fit your budget, don’t hesitate to contact us today!