Home to almost 25,000 people, Brunswick is a bustling inner Melbourne suburb. Settlement began in Brunswick in the 1800s and since then the suburb has been a popular destination for Melbourne’s tourists, families looking to settle down, enterprising business owners, and talented street artists. One of Melbourne’s oldest, this suburb is well developed, and has bustled over the past 170 years. Our mobile locksmiths have been in Brunswick for the past 30, and in that time we have seen major developments.

With such a rich past, a number of Brunswick home- and business-owners are researching the histories of their homes. Moreland City Council and the State Library of Victoria have put together some resources to help. Heritage listed buildings bring their own unique security issues, but we will discuss these another time! This week, we’re looking at Brunswick’s hybrid homes: residences that double as storefronts, milk bars or office spaces.

Unique Storefronts: Unique Security Solutions

Lately, we’ve been noticing a number of storefront conversions available for rent or sale in Brunswick. Locksmiths enjoy working on these properties in particular. Of course, every premises has its own unique security requirements, but spaces that combine the residential with the commercial create great potential combinations of residential and commercial security solutions. For example, businesses, milk bars, offices, stores and cafes require certain public safety locksmithing — emergency exits, fire security, and panic bars. Upstairs, the domestic residence requires uncomplicated, quick private access, as well as all the usual private, domestic locksmith services.

It isn’t simply a case of hiring a commercial locksmith downstairs and a domestic locksmith upstairs. Storefront conversions combine the commercial and domestic spaces, which blends the commercial and residential locksmith requirements. One of the reasons our mobile locksmiths like working in these buildings is because the owners require security solutions that are strict enough for a commercial property, but simple enough for a residence.


Brunswick Locksmiths Recommend Electronic Security

Because of their unique security requirements, these buildings were some of the first to adopt electronic security solutions, such as access control, for domestic purposes. One of the exciting things about electronic security is the ease and sophistication of the technology. More and more, private homes are adopting keyless entry solutions. Access control and digital door locks are elegant security solutions for commercial and domestic buildings, so it’s only natural they would be a great solution for spaces combining both business and home.

Amalgamated Locksmiths in Brunswick

At our free on-site quotes, our mobile locksmiths work with home- and business owners to understand their individual security needs. Our mobile locksmiths in Brunswick are no different. Whether you have a home, business, or both, our locksmiths will tailor a security package to meet your needs. We have been working in Brunswick for over thirty years, and we understand its unique security concerns. So for all your locksmith needs in Brunswick, contact Amalgamated Locksmiths today!