Commercial property security is an important consideration in protecting your business. As our Covid-19 restrictions begin to ease, plenty of businesses are faced with new security challenges. Staff are possibly working irregular hours and accessing the office or commercial space on a more ‘ad hoc’ basis. Some businesses have sadly had to let some of their staff go and may have lost track of who has access to the premises. It’s a good time to consider a risk assessment to see how your commercial security can work to, not only secure your premises, products and cash, but to allow your staff easy access.


Commercial Property Security Measures

Conduct a Risk Assessment

One of our sought-after services is our free on-site consultation. We can help you carry out a risk assessment to see where your property is vulnerable and identify areas where security can be improved. Our professional locksmiths will help you secure your property so that your employees can still access the building and the areas they need.

Consider Access Control

As often happens in commercial spaces, staff need to be able to access different areas of the property. Our commercial locksmiths will be able to discuss your options for restricted access locks. There’s no need for multiple keys or cards. The electronic nature of the access cards means that entry to certain areas can also be recorded so property owners will be able to gather this information when needed. Another advantage of an access control system is that you can grant access remotely. This means that you don’t need to give access cards to contractors or housecleaners who may only work certain days or hours, but you can still grant access easily and conveniently.

CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras act as a visible deterrent to anyone planning to break-in or to anyone who may be trying to gain unauthorised access to the building. This is a popular security solution, especially for retail stores or businesses with a high volume of passing foot traffic.

Alarm System Upgrades

Have you considered a smartphone compatible alarm system? Speak to our locksmiths today to see how we can help you install a modern and easy to use system.

There are many different security solutions for commercial properties – it really depends on the area you’re in and the type of business you’re running. We suggest that no matter what your business you have visible security in the form of CCTV, alarm systems or access control. Visible security ensures passers-by and staff know that your property is protected. It’s also advisable that you regularly check your security systems to be sure they are operating smoothly.

Amalgamated Locksmiths Melbourne

Here at Amalgamated Locksmiths, all our locksmiths are professionally trained and registered with the Master Locksmith Association of Australasia. We offer reliable and up-to-date security solutions for your business. No matter what your budget or type of business, we will be able to find the right solution for you.