Leafy green, safe and close to the Melbourne CBD – these are just some of the qualities that make Essendon a sought-after suburb. The tree-lined streets are filled with beautiful homes, boutique stores, shopping-strips and trendy cafes. It’s the perfect area for families who are seeking top-notch schooling for their children with a range of good schools from which to choose. There are also lovely parks for relaxing weekends and family strolls. This week we take a look at the latest Crime Statistics (provided by the Crime Statistics Agency Victoria) for Essendon.


2020 Lockdown

With 2020 being as it is, plenty of Victorians are spending more time at home, it will be interesting to see how this reflects in the local crime statistics. It looks like there has been a country-wide slow down in reported house break-ins and burglary in residential areas since residents are home, however, local businesses and offices are still vulnerable to opportunistic burglars.

In Essendon the latest statistics released by the Crime Statistics Agency look like this:

  2018 2019
Property Damage (includes Graffiti and Criminal Damage) 86 100
Burglary/Break and Enter 124 124
Theft (includes bicycle theft and theft from retail stores) 612 523
Disorderly and Offensive Conduct 40 24
Robbery (including aggravated robbery) 11 10

These statistics show that Essendon is a fairly safe suburb and it’s seen a pleasing drop in theft over the last year. In fact, the only area that has seen some growth is Property Damage. Certainly, with Covid-19 keeping people home – the quiet retail and business hubs are more vulnerable to Property Damage. If you are a commercial property owner you may want to consider some extra, budget-friendly security measures to keep your property safe. Installing CCTV cameras offers a great deterrent to opportunistic passers-by and commercial grade locks and bolts can offer improved door and window security. Our Essendon locksmiths can help you assess any areas of vulnerability and offer time-tested solutions.

We are happy to discuss your commercial property security with you – although crime in residential areas may be less at this time, commercial properties are at risk. Now might be a good time to consider upgrading your business security while the building is quiet and your staff are working from home.

Emergency Locksmith Essendon

Here at Amalgamated Locksmiths, our emergency locksmiths are still operating, so if you find yourself accidentally locked out or in need of a few more keys for family members – don’t hesitate to give us a call.