Ever wondered what locksmiths do in a typical day? We asked our expert locksmith Dave to share his ‘Day in the Life…”

8:30 – Arrive at Office

The locksmiths gather at the office to plan the day of booked jobs. We’ll estimate how long each job will take and allocate the team accordingly. We enjoy a cuppa and I hit the road for my first appointment.

9:00 – Smith Street Bar

I stop by a bar in Smith Street that needs a digital lock on their private bar area for added security. The client likes my suggestions, and I’m booked in tomorrow to complete the job.

10:00 – Richmond Brothel

We have been taking care of this brothel for years. The owner knows us well and trusts us with all his security requirements. In this line of work, security is important! Today I am installing a door closer that will control how quickly the door is shut. It forces the door to close behind anyone entering. This creates added security. It’s better than trusting on whoever is coming or going to shut the door behind them.

11:00 – Fitzroy Church

From one extreme to the other! I’m off to a church for a rekey job. I create a master key system with twelve locks. The pastor is a jolly, chatty fellow. I don’t tell him I’ve come straight from a brothel. Rekeying all twelve locks takes about two hours. The church now has one master key for all locks – much simpler, more convenient and safer for everyone.

1:00 – Lunch break

I head to my favourite bakery on Smith Street for a chicken schnitzel roll and a donut.

1:45 – Emergency assistance

A bloke in Abbotsford has checked his letterbox and accidentally locked himself out of his terrace home. The wind blew the door shut behind him. Unfortunately, he has lunch cooking on the stove. Luckily I am nearby to help out. It only takes me ten minutes to get him safely back inside. Sadly, his lunch was ruined, but he’s happy nonetheless.

2:30 – Business security quote

I visit a business in the CBD to quote on a new security system.  The owner takes me through the property and explains the current system. Because all staff have keys, she’s worried about lost keys. She’s also concerned that stuff could get keys recut without her knowledge. So, I suggest upgrading to a wireless system using battery operated locks. Each employee will get a swipe card rather than keys. This means the cards are easy to cancel if they are lost. Also, staff can’t sneakily get a card copied like they can with keys. Also, the owner can monitor the arrival times of staff. She’ll be able to see who left the building last, and find out if any employees arrive at the office a bit later than they claim. She’s impressed with the suggestions. I offer to send her a detailed, written quote later that day.

4:00 – Emergency car opening

A very embarrassed Porsche owner has locked his keys inside his car in the Docklands. Luckily I am familiar with many models, including Porsches. In no time I have him back in his car and on his way.

5:00 – Check in the office

At the end of the day I stop by the office again to check on plans for tomorrow.  I also send through the written quote for the CBD business owner.


What I enjoy about this job is the variety. I never know what kind of business or person will need my advice or help. I appreciate helping customers when they’re distressed because they’re locked out of their car or home. Every day is different and that’s how I like it. Except for lunch, I love my schnitzel and donuts.