Crime in South Melbourne

Every month we will investigate the latest data on crime statistics in Melbourne suburbs. This month it’s South Melbourne, one of our most visited suburbs.

Using data supplied by the Crime Statistics Agency, we can see the incidence of various crimes in South Melbourne from 2012 – 2016.


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Property and Person offences in South Melbourne

South Melbourne recorded a 22% increase in theft offences from 2015-2016, going from 839 thefts to 1029 last year. Burglaries also increased by 14% South Melbourne.

Last year, 312 homes in South Melbourne were burgled or broken into.  A further 174 properties were damaged. So, it pays to take precautions to protect your home from being one of those burgled.

Other property and person offences in South Melbourne in 2016 include:

  • Arson: 10 offences
  • Deception: 228 offences
  • Crimes against the person: 283 offences

Drug offences in South Melbourne

Drug offences in South Melbourne have increased by 40% over the past five years, going from 78 in 2012 to 109 in 2016.

In 2016, there were 16 cases of drug dealing and trafficking offences, 1 case of drug manufacturing and 92 drug use and possession offences.

Public order and security offences in South Melbourne

Weapons and explosives offences in South Melbourne have dropped slightly in the past five years with 49 in 2012, and 43 in 2016. Interestingly, 2014 saw a huge increase in weapons and explosives offences, at 90 cases. But the other four years have mostly recorded offences in the 40s.

Meanwhile, disorderly and offensive conduct offences have dropped by about a quarter, from 191 in 2012 to 77 in 2015. That’s a drop of about 60%. There have been no public nuisance offences in South Melbourne in since 2013.

Total crime rate in South Melbourne up 7% over past five years

Since 2012, the crime rate in South Melbourne has increased, from 2184 offences in 2012 to 2337 offences last year. That’s an increase of about 7%.

Top five offences in South Melbourne in 2016

  1. Theft: 1029 offences
  2. Crimes against the person: 283 offences
  3. Deception: 228 offences
  4. Burglary/break and enter: 213 offences
  5. Property damage: 174 offences


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