Fire plans

In case of a fire, where do you go, what do you do and whom do you call?

If you can’t answer these three questions immediately, it’s time to review your fire plan. Every home and business needs a fire plan. January is an excellent time to review and to discuss your fire plan with your employees. Now that the Christmas break has ended and people are settling back into their jobs, it’s a good time to review your fire plan, or to set one up for the year ahead.

Organisations like Worksafe can help you administer a fire plan for your business, and their consultancy programs will help you ensure your fire plan is up to local, state and Federal OH&S standards.

This week, the Amalgamated Locksmiths blogging team talk you through some of the fire safety hardware we provide.

Fire Exit Doors



Well lit, adequately signed and immediately identifiable, fire exit doors have to be quick to find and quick to access. Users have to be able to use fire and emergency exit doors without delay or obstruction, including locks. To this end, we service and install panic bars, easy-to-use devices fitted to fire and emergency exit doors. Deadlatching, they only open from the inside, and then simply by pressing and pushing the bar. Panic bars fitted horizontally are universal signs for emergency exits. They are a staple of all commercial fire and emergency exits.


Make sure you and your employees know where your fire exit is and where it leads to — street access is a must. The route to your exit door must be clear and the door itself unblocked at all times. Be sure to review your emergency exit door and route today.

Fire Hardware

Fire alarms and sprinklers are musts for all buildings. Be sure extinguishers are serviced, readily available and in working order. Change your fire alarm batteries routinely — on a business anniversary, or set a reminder in your calendar.

Fire Safes

Protect your important documents by keeping them in a fire-resistant safe. Our mobile commercial locksmiths sell, install and service all manner of fire safes.

To keep your documents safe, as well as updating and reviewing your fire plan, be sure to service your fire safe. Safes need to be serviced regularly, and for increased security, change your security codes. We’ve written previously on the dos and don’ts of safe codes, so read our tips first.

For all your fire safe needs, including servicing and code updating, contact our mobile commercial locksmiths today.

Make sure new employees have been taken through the steps

Finally, make sure all your staff have been taken through your fire plans. The summer period can see a lot of staff changes, especially in retail. Talk — and walk — through your fire procedures with all staff. Let them know the importance of keeping your exit doors clear. If your fire plan is incomplete, work with your staff to develop some health and safety protocols, such as where to keep spare torches, extinguishers and first aid kits.

And remember, for the installation, service and repair of all your fire hardware, including panic bars and fire safes, contact Amalgamated Locksmiths today.