First home owners have a lot to worry about. Mortgages, changing schools, finding a new favourite takeaway, remembering bin night, locating the best bus route to work…The list goes on.

No matter where you are on that list, whether it’s your first home or your twenty-seventh, a new home is at once exciting and a little scary. For the first few weeks, you’ll be extra vigilant in locking up before bed, and double checking your front door before you leave for the day. To help you settle into your new home, we’ve put together a list of ten tips around your new home security.

1. Key Security: rekey your locks

Key security is an important part of protecting your home. If you are not the first owners, chances are somebody somewhere has a spare set of keys to your home. When moving house, old owners and renters often forget to hand in spare keys. To make sure only those who are meant to have access to your property do, update your locks. A simply rekeying will save you time, worry and money, and will help establish your new home’s security.

2. Make sure there are high quality locks on all your doors and windows

For the first few weeks, until you settle into your new neighbourhood, you are bound to be extra vigilant in shutting up before going out for the day. High quality, working locks on all your windows and doors will keep them shut. But first…

3. Make sure your doors and windows close properly

If your doors and windows don’t shut properly, the best lock in the world won’t do much good. When you call us out for a free on-site quote, ask our domestic locksmiths to check the security of your entry points, including all windows and doors. This way, we’ll be able to ascertain not only whether your windows and doors shut properly, but which locks would be best for each.

4. Update any security codes

Old owners may still have some spare keys, but they will definitely have the security codes. Updating the codes to your home alarm, electronic lock, safe or anything else is an absolute must to ensure the security of your home. For help coming up with a different code per device, read our PIN tips here.

5. Find a good place for spare keys

Forget the pot plant by the front door, or the welcome mat, or sticky-taped in the letterbox. We’ve written previously about some good spare key hiding spots, but for the ultimate in spare key solutions, we recommend a key safe. A long-term security investment, key safes are transportable (when unlocked), so you can even take it with you when you move house.  

6. Do not leave moving boxes in window or on the street

Leaving moving boxes either in or viewable from the street is a great advertisement for thieves. It is important for anyone, renting, visiting, or owning, to not leave valuables in your yard or window or by the bins.

7. Work out a fire plan

Organise with your family a time to perform a quick fire drill. Identify the safest route and meet-up location should fire strike your property. Deadlocks and latches will mean that your exit route remains unlocked to those exiting, but will lock behind them. This means that your fire route is accessible one way and not the other, for superior safety and security.

We also recommend, install and service fire safes to protect your valuable documents against fires. Talk to our friendly residential locksmiths today about having a fire safe installed in your home.

8. Sensor lights/ alarm system/ cctv/ warning signs or stickers

Understand your new home’s security. Does it have any? Good locks are a start, but what about sensor lights to ward off prowlers, safes to protect your valuables, and alarms to protect your home when you are not there? At a free on-site quote, our domestic locksmiths will work with you to understand your new home’s security, and provide personally-tailored solutions to allay your concerns.

9. Meet your neighbours

Good relations with your neighbours are a free, positive way to improve your home security. Over 60% of Australians want better relations with their neighbours. Not only will they keep an eye out for you when you’re away, fostering a neighbourhood friendship is a great way to get to know your new area. So borrow a cup of sugar today!

10. Call us

Our domestic locksmiths are Master Locksmiths, with the accreditation, training and experience to provide expert residential security services. Call us today to organise a security inspection and a free on-site quote. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your new home security, and we can provide services, products and recommendations based on your budget, needs and concerns. Our mobile domestic locksmiths serve Melbourne’s suburbs during business hours. And if you are locked out of your new home, you can contact our emergency residential locksmiths. So for all your domestic locksmith needs, contact us today!