Last week, we mentioned that our domestic locksmiths were installing more electronic security solutions. We were talking about how digital door locks were changing the way that residents have packages, post and potentially even food delivered. This week, we are continuing our focus on electronic security, only instead of domestic security, we are looking at why so many of our commercial locksmith clients are installing digital door locks.

You may remember a previous post on the Lockwood Cortex Digital Door Lock that we wrote in 2016. With more businesses in Richmond and Carlton asking our commercial locksmiths about keyless alternatives, we thought it was time to revisit this exciting, electronic access solution.

The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Digital Door Locks

You may also remember our post on the Lockwood 001Touch, a digital door lock we recommend for domestic front doors. The Cortex is a little different. Where the 001Touch is designed for domestic settings, the Cortex is commercial. Locksmiths will recommend the Cortex Digital Door lock for businesses because it is designed especially for business security. Where the 001Touch can have up to 20 card users, the Cortex can have 40. The 001Touch will last for up to 10,000 uses per battery life, more than enough for home use. Businesses, with more workers and clients coming and going, require more. The Cortex can get up to 40,000 operations per battery life.

Lockwood Cortex Digital Door Lock

The Cortex is a heavy-duty lock, designed to withstand more wear and tear and force than domestic locks. Commercial buildings are increasingly moving away from keys to digital locks. Electronic locks provide greater accountability. With 20 separate settable PINs, and up to 40 separate card users, the Cortex can record who opens the door and when. One-time-use, time-passage and visitor PINs are also settable for once-off deliveries and temporary visitors. Time and calendar functions even allow you to program when codes will work and when they won’t. What’s more, codes can be updated in real time, so users can restrict and grant access at any time.

For increased protection, users can also opt to have dual security enabled. This function requires two users to be present to unlock the door, with card and PIN.

If you think the Cortex Digital Door Lock might be right for your business, read more about it here or call our commercial locksmiths for a free on-site quote.

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