The perimeter of your home is your first line of defence against burglary and theft. Good security around your property can deter burglars. Unfortunately, gate security is one of the most overlooked areas in home and business protection. Don’t forget that if your fence is secure and your gate is padlocked, you’ll make it harder for potential thieves to get in – the harder criminals have to work to access your property the less likely they are to target you.


What to Consider in Gate Security?

Our professional and accredited locksmiths will help you assess the perimeter of your home or business and advise you on the type of gate security that will best suit your needs.

Questions to consider for a Commercial Property:

  • How often does the gate open and close per day?
  • How many people need to gain access?
  • Will the distribution of codes or keys harm the business security more than it will ease congestion?
  • How large a concern is the threat of unauthorised entry?
  • Is there a pedestrian gate that needs securing?

Questions to Consider for Home Security:

  • Is this a shared residence with a number of tenants?
  • What is the purpose of the gate?
  • How often will it open and close per day?
  • How many gates give access to the property i.e. vehicles access, pedestrian access (garden gate)?
  • What are the surrounding areas like i.e. alleyways, suburban streets, bush etc?

What Services do our Locksmiths Offer?

Besides giving a free on-site quotation, Amalgamated Locksmiths also source quality products that we have personally tried and tested. Our locksmiths are able to give you sound advice on the best products and brands that will suit your budget.

For gate security we offer a range of options – our recommended gate closers, that will ensure smooth gate operation and proper closing and latching, are:

  • Locinox
  • Dorma
  • Lockwood
  • Ryobi

We also fit lock boxes that house everything from Lockwood 001 deadlatches, Brava deadbolts or fire compliant mortice locks.

If a key is not a convenient option, we offer push-button locks for external use.

We have a large range of padlocks that are keyable to suit the rest of the property. We also stock accessories such as pad bolts and chains.

Whatever your security needs you can rest assured that our commercial locksmiths and our domestic locksmiths will be able to help.

Amalgamated Locksmiths

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