A restricted key system is a popular means of security in commercial buildings. In fact, this type of security system gives businesses a strong sense of control and safety, especially in commercial offices where a lot of people are frequently coming and going from the building.


However, when it comes to restricted key systems there are two levels of security. There is medium and high security restricted key systems.

Firstly, let’s look at the key benefits for choosing a restricted key system in general.

  • Keys can only be installed and registered by a locksmith. They cannot be duplicated by another Locksmiths
  • It’s harder for someone to pick the lock to gain entry
  • All keys are identified with system and key issue numbers and a written and signed authority letter is required from your business to request extra security keys
  • This system gives businesses the ability to physically control who comes in and out of the building and areas within the building.

So, what are the benefits of a high security restricted key system?

A high security restricted key system is easy to use with minimum maintenance. It has fewer moving parts and a stronger key than other systems which means less opportunities for someone to compromise the system.

The system can be retrofit to almost all hardware making it a cost effective choice. It is also competitively priced to install and maintain in comparison to conventional locks which don’t offer the same level of security.

This type of high security restricted key systems are used in industries such as  Government, utilities, telecommunications, industrial plants, education, healthcare, museums and galleries and transportation.

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