For most, focussing on keeping your home safe is the number one priority, however in doing so we often neglect the security of the garage. A garage provides easy access to a home and stores expensive possessions such as your car. This week we discuss five ways to keep your garage and contents safe.


Invest in motion sensor lights

Installing sensor lights to your garage will play an important role when it comes to your garage security. A simple light turning on when someone is approaching the garage is often enough to deter opportunists.

Close your garage door

Make it a habit. It may seem obvious but it isn’t uncommon to leave the garage door open, especially if you’re at home. However, this gives thieves the opportunity to take any tools, or white goods left on display, including your car if it’s not locked.

Keep the garage door remote safe

Do not keep your garage door remote in the car, on a bracket on the wall or in an easy to access place. Just like any key, it gives thieves easy access to your garage, home and its contents.

Use padlocks for toolboxes

Lock all tool boxes and lockers within the garage with a padlock. If a burglar gains access to the garage, an unlocked tool box gives them the opportunity to take your tools quickly and without suspicion.


Lock the access door

Make sure that the access door between the house and garage is always locked. Top tip: Install a dead latch or similar to provide extra security to the door.  

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