As the days get longer and the weather warmer, it becomes time to clean out the house and put things in order.

While you’re cleaning out the wardrobe and freshening up your home, it’s also a chance to review your home’s security. Here is a checklist of things you can do to keep your home secure this spring and into the new year.

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Do a key audit

Chances are over the years your keyring has accumulated a random assortment of keys in various sizes and colours. And it’s likely some of those keys are no longer in use. While there’s not necessarily a security risk to carrying around unused keys, it’s definitely a hassle and makes getting to the right keys harder.

Go through all the keys on your keyring and assess which ones you no longer need. You could also consider dividing your keys into collections based on where you’ll need them.

Replace batteries in your security devices

There’s nothing more frustrating than having the remote on your automatic gate opener fail in the middle of a spring rainstorm. Check and replace the batteries in all your remote openers, including your front gates and garage.

Clear overhanging landscape

Overgrown shrubs and trees provide perfect cover for potential burglars, and they can also be a hazard to visitors getting to your front door. Trim back any shrubs and trees so they don’t obstruct the view of your ground-floor windows and doors. The clearer your street view, the less likely your house will be targeted by a burglar.

Check bulbs on motion detector lights

Motion activated lights are usually situated in your backyard, driveway or paths leading to the home. Not only do they help deter burglars, they also provide safe egress to your house after dark. Check and replace the bulbs in your outdoor lights using LED bulbs.

Secure outside access to your home

As you’re spring cleaning, take some time to review the possible entry points to your home that might be used by a potential burglar. Check the security of all doors and windows from the outside.

Also, consider whether anything lying around your backyard could be used to gain entry to your house. A ladder, kids cubby house or outdoor table could all be dragged beneath a first-floor window. Secure these items so they can’t be moved, and ensure any second-floor windows have locks installed.

Review your home insurance

Take some time to spring clean your home insurance policies and ensure everything is up to date. While unlikely, if you do experience a break-in it’s important you can easily identify what has been stolen. Review your inventory of valuables, adding on items you’ve purchased since your last review and removing anything you’ve disposed of.

At the same time, review your home insurance policy and check whether you’re adequately covered. You should also see if your insurance policy provides discounts and savings based on home improvements or security additions you’ve made to your home or how often you’re home.