Of course, you know the importance of locking your doors to prevent unwanted intruders. But if your windows aren’t just as secure, it’s basically pointless. Here’s some advice from our emergency locksmiths.

All windows on the ground and lower floors (and in fact any that could be easily reached by an intruder) should be secured. Victorian crime statistics show the most common type of break in is through an unlocked door or window. If your windows aren’t locked, you’re giving would-be-thieves an easy entry. And if you don’t have window locks installed, and your home is burgled, your insurer may refuse to pay out your claim if you haven’t advised them of this when signing up.

If you’re an apartment dweller on the upper floors, you might think you’re safe from a break-in. But don’t forget about those balcony doors and windows, which could be reached from neighbouring apartments.

While window security is important for keep intruders out, it can also be essential for keeping your family safely in the house. In Australia, around 50 children fall from balconies and windows each year. Many falls result in serious injuries which, in a small number of cases, have been fatal.

Window safety devices and window locks can prevent your child from opening a window far enough to climb or fall out. If you have young children at home or have regular visits from friends and family, it’s important your windows are secure.

How to secure your windows

In many older homes, the locks may be not be all that secure or there may not even be locks installed. Even some newer buildings may not have adequate locks to protect against a forced entry – especially on the ground floor where a burglar could use a tool to break a lock or jimmy their way in.

When checking which windows need proper locks, remember also to look up and consider whether someone could gain access to a first-floor window. A shed or cubby house situated under a window may give someone quick entry into your home.

Ideally, your window locks will allow the window to be secured when it is closed, but also opened slightly to let in a cool breeze on a warm night. Consider also whether you’d like to allow members of your household – like teenage children – the ability to open and close a window to allow a breeze in, without being able to open it all the way (we know how forgetful teens can be sometimes).

At Amalgamated Locksmiths, we carry a wide range of quality locks to fit all types of windows, including casement, sliding, double hung and awning windows. And because we know a good looking home is just as important to you, we can usually match our window hardware to your home’s decor.

Our locksmith specialists will be happy to provide an onsite consultation to help you assess your home’s security needs and provide recommendations, based on your requirements and budget. Give us a call today to arrange a consultation at a time that suits you.