Recent data released by the Crimes Statistics Agency shows burglary is on the rise across Victoria, with a 13.7% increase to March 2016.

Rather than targeting the richest-looking properties, most burglars are looking for the weakest link. If a determined thief turns up in your street, they’re going to rob a house. The best you can hope for is it isn’t yours.

The harder and riskier you make it for a thief to get into your house, the less likely they’re going to even try.


How to prevent burglars getting in

Visible security systems are your best bet to ensure a burglar doesn’t target your house. Deadlocks on the front and back doors, lockable side gates and closed windows demonstrate that your house is likely going to be more hassle than it’s worth for a casual burglar.

While you may be vigilant about locking your doors and windows when you go out for the day, many of us are guilty of leaving a door or window open for airflow while hanging out in the backyard or another part of the house.

Keep your home secure even when you’re home

Around a quarter of burglaries happen while someone is home. A thief needs only a few minutes to get in, rifle through your things and grab the spare car keys hanging by the front door. In the time it takes you to investigate the noise, they’ve made off with your wallet and gotten away with your car.

And while most burglars want to get in and out without being detected, there is still the potential for violence if a thief is disturbed in the act.

Are you making it easy for a burglar?

Consider also those clever hiding spots for your spare key. Chances are your average burglar knows all the favoured spots and doesn’t need long to find it and gain entry into your house. If you’ve currently got a spare key hidden under a pot plant, in the fuse box, behind a wall hanging or above the door, now might be the time to remove it.

The best place for a spare key is with a trusted neighbour (ideally the one who’s always home and hanging out on their front porch). Or install a keypad key safe so only those people who know the combination can access the spare key.

Ensure your locks are up to scratch

It’s also a good idea to check the existing locks around the house. Rather than having proper locks, patio and sliding often just have a latch that you slide down to “lock” the door – all it takes for a burglar to get in is to simply lift the doors out of their tracks. A bolt lock can be simple to install and will provide extra security for these type of sliding doors.

Another option is to install proper locks on your sliding doors. The benefit of these is they can provide entry and exit from both sides of the door – perfect if your back door is the easiest route to the garage.

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Crime data from the Crime Statistics Agency March 2016 report, accessed 19 August 2016