Having to put up with a bulky keyring seems like a first world problem – until you have to carry them every single day.  Whether you’re lugging the only set of business keys around, going for a morning run or meeting up with friends in your favorite pair of skinny jeans, keys can present a major inconvenience.

Thankfully, there are some simple solutions to solve your jingling silver and gold afflictions.

Being organised is one of the easiest ways to sort an excessively large key ring. Lay all your keys, and anything else on your keyring, out. Get rid of anything you don’t actually need to carry around with you (we’re looking at you, fluffy toy keyring) and any keys you don’t use anymore.

Then, group your keys together by function. You might only need certain keys at work, like an office key, bike cage, and pass. For the gym, you need your swipe card and locker key. Have a think about which of your keys fits best into each category and separate them onto individual split key rings or tiny carabiners. When you go out, grab the set you need and leave the rest safely at home.

If you still need to downsize your keyring, the best thing is to reduce the number of keys you have to manage. And Amalgamated Locksmiths have a solution to let you do this at home and the business.

Too many keys at home?

At home, rekeying allows your front door, back door, patio door, granny flat and even the garage to be controlled by one key, eliminating the bulk of your keychain, and saving you the frustration of fumbling in the dark searching for the right key.

Rekeying doesn’t necessarily mean replacing all your household locks either. Our locksmiths simply remove the lock cylinder and change the lock combination. By changing the cylinder combination you are retaining the original lock but creating a new key.

Too many keys at work?

With any commercial business, an efficient and secure lock system is very important. Unlike your home, having one key that allows access to all areas might not be appropriate, especially if you are issuing keys to staff. A Master Key System uses a hierarchy of keys and locks to allow individual key holders access to all or specifically designated areas of a building.

There are many benefits of the Master Key System, but primarily it allows you to effectively control access, giving you peace of mind. Amalgamated Locksmiths can help plan a comprehensive and secure key system that meets the needs of your business premises, now and into the future.

Amalgamated Locksmiths can help you decided if  a one key system is right for your home or business. We provide locksmith services in Collingwood and surrounding areas and offer smart solutions for all your lock and key needs. Call us at 03 9419 6922 to discuss your options or arrange a free onsite quote today.