There are several reasons why you might call a locksmith to open a safe. This week, Amalgamated Locksmiths talk you through the most common reasons we get called out to open a safe.

Lost Keys and Forgotten Codes

It can be a little embarrassing, but it happens quite often. Clients who don’t often use their safe can forget their codes. Recently, we’ve given you some tips to remember your security codes, but accidents still happen. If you have lost your code or your key, you needn’t panic: most safes can be opened by a professional locksmith.

Time Delays and Lockouts

A number of digital or electronic safes have increased security features like time delays and lockouts. If you’ve forgotten your code and tried to guess it too many times, your safe may lock you out, not recognising the right code even if you then put it in. This is a good thing – it is an additional security measure designed to stop criminals from methodically working out every possible safe code and entering them in one by one. But if you have misremembered or mis-entered your code too many times, it can be frustrating. If you’ve locked yourself out of your safe, there’s no need to panic. Our mobile locksmith will come to you.

Bequeathed Safes with Unknown Codes

When writing wills, we don’t often think about our safe so much as what’s inside. This makes sense, of course, the safe itself isn’t as important to us as its contents. But when the time comes, your estate will need access to your safe. If your heirs, lawyers or business partners don’t know the access code to your safe, they may worry. They needn’t. All they have to do is call an Amalgamated Locksmith and we will be able to help.

Jammed Bolts

The most important thing you can do is have your safe regularly serviced. When we service your safe, we make sure everything is running smoothly and everything is operational. This includes making sure the bolts are clean and lubricated. If a bolt jams, even the right combination won’t be able to open your safe. You will need to call a locksmith to unjam, service and repair your safe.


Shifting Combinations

At Amalgamated Locksmiths, we sell both electronic and combination safes. Combination safes are the old fashioned safes you see in movies. Over time, the combination may wear and shift. When this happens, your code will change slightly too. If you have a combination safe that’s old or no longer responding to your code, try altering your combination. If that doesn’t work, call us to regain access to your valuables. If your combination has changed, book in for a service, repair or upgrade.

Contact Us

Whether you have forgotten your code or combination, or if your safe has been damaged in some way, Amalgamated Locksmiths are here to help. In the meantime, it is important to regularly service your safe to keep it in pristine health. Keeping your safe regularly serviced minimises the chances of your safe malfunctioning.  Talk to us today to see how we can help you keep your safe healthy, responsive and secure.