One of the many simple security solutions we sell is a key safe. Key safes are small, secure, combination-controlled boxes used to store keys and keycards. They are neat ways of storing spare keys safely and are also excellent alternatives for businesses or community centres that require a number of different users to have access but don’t want to have too many keys cut.

Recently, we talked to one of our clients about her experience with a key safe.

Debbie and her Family

Debbie is a mother of three school-aged sons. One day, her youngest came home from school by himself. His brothers were still out, at training or with friends.  Sometime during the day, on the way to school or on the way home again, he lost his key. No matter, he thought. Being the mother of three boys, Debbie was prepared for such a circumstance and had hidden a spare key. Her youngest went to retrieve only to find that it was gone! One of his brothers, also having lost his, had taken it.
The young man looked around the property for a way in. First, he tried the back door and then the windows. All were locked. Nobody was home. Luckily, he was a teenager so he didn’t mind sitting outside and playing on his phone until someone else came home.

What’s the solution?

Replacement keys are cheap and quick to make, but with two of her three sons having lost theirs in the same week, Debbie thought there must be a better alternative. So she talked to us and we suggested a Kidde Key Safe. A key safe could be installed somewhere surreptitious and secure on their property, in a wall, beside or on top of a door, or could even hang like a padlock on a fence. It could be loose under the front stairs. Small, waterproof and subtle, a key safe could be put anywhere they needed.

Why a Key Safe?

We’ve written previously about good places to hide spare keys, but a key safe is different. A spare key is not to be used all the time. Its hiding place is to be kept secret so that passers-by, neighbours or strangers won’t know where it is. If your three sons are going to it every day, your spare key will not remain secret for long. But with a key safe, it doesn’t matter – the key would be locked in a safe.

A key safe is also more practical if you’re using the key every day. A spare key you may bury in a flowerpot or hide in a jar of fake keys. It takes effort to get to it and replace. A key safe is quick and simple for everyday use without sacrificing security.

What Happened Next?

Debbie says that the key safe has given her peace of mind. Now, she and her sons who are still at school don’t ever need to worry about being locked out, or about losing their keys! They know that their key is where it always needs to be, secure in a Kidde key safe.

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