If you’re like us, you’re always on the lookout for cost-effective ways to improve your home security. We’ve blogged before on home security must-haves, and how to make your front doors and windows more secure. We’ve also talked about the role a dog can play in your home security. But did you know there is something else you can do to increase the safety of your home?

A good relationship with your neighbours is a free and friendly way to strengthen your home’s security and a recent survey has found that most Australians are keen to know their neighbours better.

Over 60% of Australians want better relationships with their neighbours

Neighbours should be there for one another, and it turns out, most are willing to be. Late last year, QBE insurance published a survey on neighbours and home security. They surveyed over 1,000 people aged between 24 and 65, and almost all of those asked (98%) said that they would “take action” to keep their neighbour’s property safe. This is despite the fact that over half of us, according to this survey, aren’t friends with our neighbours and 60% of us don’t think to ask our neighbours to keep an eye out when we’re away.

Neighbours will report suspicious activity

When asked about “taking action”, those surveyed answered thusly: 73% would take down the license plate of someone acting suspiciously outside a neighbour’s home; 69% would call the police; 50% would contact the neighbour; and 29% would go over and speak to the individual directly. Over 80% said that they would go further to protect the property of a neighbour they were close to.

And they’re great to hide spare keys with

If you don’t feel comfortable hiding a spare key on your property or in a key safe, swapping spare keys with a neighbour you trust is another option. Keeping a spare key with a neighbour makes it easier for them to keep an eye out on your property when you’re on holiday. Elderly and less mobile homeowners may also wish to keep a spare key with a neighbour in case of an emergency.

Ask your neighbour to check up on your home when you’re on holiday

Your neighbour can help you hide the fact that you’re away from home when you’re on holiday. Collecting your mail and bringing your bins in are small favours most neighbours are willing to do to make your home looked lived in. While they’re there, ask them to do a quick walk around your property to make sure there are no signs of break-ins, that your back door is locked and side doors secured.

You could find a perfect friend

Neighbours are a great addition to your home security. Not only are they free, good neighbour relations helps foster a sense of community and may even lead to lifelong friendships. So invite your neighbour over, lend them a cup of sugar or offer to take in their mail next time they’re away.

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