Every month, we have been looking at the crime rates of Melbourne suburbs. In our series so far, we have looked at AbbotsfordCollingwoodFitzroy, South Melbourne, Northcote, North Melbourne and Carlton. This month, we are focusing on the suburb at the heart of it all, Melbourne, 3000.

Being a central business district, most of our clients in Melbourne are searching for business security solutions, though we also have a number of domestic security clients as well. Some of our Melbourne clients are hotels, public buildings or spaces with high traffic, as well as stores, boutiques and offices. With over 33 years’ experience, Amalgamated Locksmiths have seen it all and are ready to secure your business.


The Top 5 Offences in Melbourne

As ever, our statistics are taken from Crime Statistics Victoria (CSV), the official crime statistics reporting agency of Victoria. The CSV have been responsible for reporting Victoria’s crime statistics since 2013. For the year ending March 2017, they reported the top 5 criminal offences in Melbourne, 3000, were:

  1. Theft (7,292 cases)
  2. Deception (3, 856 cases)
  3. Breaches of Orders (2, 282 cases)
  4. Disorderly or Offensive Conduct (2,131 cases)
  5. Assault (1,840 cases)


Crimes Against the Person

Each CSV report is broken into a number of categories including Crimes Against the Person; Property-Related Offences; Drug-Related Offences; Justice-Related Offences; Public Order Offences; and “Other” (traffic-related offences).

The first category, Crimes Against the Person, is focused on interpersonal offences, offences that occur between individuals on the street or in their homes. For the year ending March 2017, these offences rose across the board: stalking went up by 7% and robbery more than doubled. Assault made up the largest portion, totalling over a half of the overall offences in this category.


Property-Related Offences

These are the offences we can best prepare you against. Theft, arson, breaking and entering, and property damage are what we are here to prevent. Theft was not only the highest reported offence in this category for the year ending March 2017, but the highest reported crime overall in Melbourne. Theft has dropped only marginally from last year’s levels, with the highest number of thefts per year still being 2013.

Like theft, burglary and break-ins have continued to climb since 2014, growing by a third between 2016 and 2017. Almost 1,000 cases of burglary and breaking-and-entering were reported between March 2016 and March 2017.

Property damage and arson have also increased, in keeping with the upward trend since 2014.

How Can I Protect My Business?

Our security specialists have years of experience in providing security solutions to Melbourne businesses and homes. We provide the latest home and business security options, including smartphone-compatible security systems that allow you to check in on your business in real time.

Amalgamated Locksmiths provide complete commercial security solutions tailored to Melbourne businesses. We have everything from fire-rated safes to CCTV to access control systems. During your free onsite quote, our security experts will work with you to identify and address your security concerns. We will design a security system for your business based on your business.

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