It is good practice for home- and business owners to change their locks when moving into their new property, or when there has been a security breach. Few know that they may not have to have the entire lock replaced. Sometimes, our mobile locksmiths can instead rekey a lock. This week, we talk to our mobile locksmiths about the difference between rekeying and replacing locks.

Why Would You Rekey a Lock?

At a free on-site quote, our mobile locksmiths may suggest having a lock rekeyed, rather than replaced entirely. Rekeying a lock is a cheaper alternative to replacing a lock. It involves removing the pins and springs in the lock barrel and replacing them with others. We may recommend rekeying if the lock hasn’t been damaged, but has been worn, is faulty or if the owners are unsure of who else may have a key. Another benefit of rekeying is that other doors can be keyed alike, allowing multiple doors to be unlocked using the same key.

Rekeying a lock will not damage the door or surrounding infrastructure. All work is done to the inside of the lock itself. Further, rekeying a lock lets our locksmith inspect the health of the lock.

If you find your key is not turning in the lock properly, or you are having trouble with your locks, our mobile locksmiths can service your home, business and vehicle locks. We will do this before recommending a rekey or lock replacement.

Why Would You Replace a Lock?

Sometimes, rekeying a lock is not an option. If the lock itself is damaged, that is, if it is separated from the door frame, it will have to be replaced. Similarly, if its parts are too worn out to function properly, our mobile locksmiths may recommend replacing the lock entirely. We can replace locks for any door, and offer a range of simple, effective locks specific to your security needs, from from the Lockwood 001 Deadlatch to mortice locks or even digital, keyless options.

Amalgamated Locksmiths in Melbourne

Our mobile and emergency locksmiths operate throughout Melbourne’s CBD, inner and northern suburbs. We perform a range of services including lock rekeying and lock repair for residential, and commercial clients. If you are concerned with the security of your locks, contact Amalgamated Locksmiths today.

When either replacing or rekeying a lock, make sure you update your spare keys, as well as their hiding spots!