Every month, the Amalgamated Locksmiths blogging team bring you their Suburb in Focus series. At the end of the month, we publish the crime statistics of our most frequented areas in inner and north Melbourne. Our locksmiths this week take a look at Coburg North.

The Top 5 Offences In Coburg North

As ever, we take our statistics from the Crime Statistics Agency of Victoria (CSV). For the year ending September 2017, they reported Coburg North’s most committed offences as:

  1. Theft (341 offences)
  2. Burglary/ Breaking and Entering (115 offences)
  3. Assault (77 offences)
  4. Property Damage (62 offences)
  5. Deception (50 offences)

Property and Deception Offences

Property and Deception Offences, overall, dropped after last year’s spike. Theft, Burglary, Arson, Property Damage and Deception make up this category. Of those 5, three (Theft, Arson and Burglary) had tallies lower than the year before. The other two, Property Damage and Deception had higher rates than they did in 2016.

There were 39 fewer Thefts reported in 2017 than 2016, with a total of 341. This makes 2017 the second highest year for Theft in Coburg North since before 2008.

There were 115 reported Burglaries/ Break-and-Enters in 2017. This is 36 offences fewer than there were in 2016. This is the lowest number of Burglaries to be reported in Coburg North since 2013, which had 105.

Property Damage increased in 2017 by 4. In 2017, there were 62 cases reported. In 2016, there were 58. According to the CSV, there have been typically 47-58 cases of Property Damage reported per year in this suburb. The quietest year for Property Damage was 2013 with 42, and the loudest, 2010, with 71.

Deception too increased in 2017. This was the largest increase in all reported offences, with 17 more Deceptions occuring in 2017 than in 2016. 2017 saw more Deception than any other year, with 2016 being the next highest, with 33 Deception offences reported.  

Arson halved. 2017 had 5 cases of Arson reported. 2016, 10.

Over all, Property and Deception Offences dropped from 634 crimes reported in 2016 to 573 in 2017.

Coburg v Coburg North

Coburg had a crime/population percentage of 8.35% in 2017. Coburg North has a smaller population (about ⅓ the size, with 7601 people living there), and fewer criminal incidents, but its percentage of crime/ population was higher, at 10.4%.

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