Choosing a home safe is an important decision. It’s essential to get the right safe for your needs. Our expert locksmiths know a lot about safes. Here’s what to consider when choosing a personal home safe.

Home safe requirements

Obviously you have decided to get a safe because you have valuable belongings that you want to protect. This can include jewellery, papers, heirlooms, money or many other items. Make sure you consider the primary contents of your home safe before making a decision.  Also consider how your needs might change in the future. For example, if you expect to inherit family heirlooms, you might like to ensure your current safe has the capacity to store those items when they come into your possession.


Safes vary widely in budget. A basic safe will cost under $150.00 whereas a safe with a full suite of features can cost more than $2,000. Consider what you can afford compared with the safe features you require. You can save plenty of money by purchasing a reconditioned, second hand safe.

Types of Home Safes

There are a wide variety of safes on the market. At Amalgamated Locksmiths, our range of safes include:

  • Yale Digital fire and cash safes
  • Platinum safes
  • CMI safes
  • Composite safes
  • Key safes
  • Drug safes
  • Drug cabinets
  • Deposit safes
  • Under-counter safes
  • Laptop safes
  • Reconditioned safes

Speak to one of our experts about the type of safe that is best for your requirements.


Consider the best location for your safe in the home. Thieves often look for safes in the master bedroom. So, it’s a good idea to keep the safe in a less obvious location. Good spots for safes include the laundry, basement, (unless you live in an area prone to flooding), spare room, kitchen or hallway. Other good places include the attic space, garage (unless it’s damp) or even under the house. Also consider if your safe will be fixed in a location or removable. Fixed safes are safer as thieves can simply remove the entire safe and break into it far away from your home. However if you intend to move house or are renting, fixed safes are not always the best choice.


When people think safes, burglary is what most often comes to mind. But another great risk to your valuable possessions is fire. You can also get safes that will protect your valuables from water damage if you live in a flood prone area. Some safes are designed more to prevent burglary, others from fire or water damage. Most safes protect against both fire and burglary, but it is important to consider your needs.

Not sure what safe is best for you? Contact us to have a chat with our experts about the right safe for your needs.