If you’re a small business owner, then you’ve no doubt spent some time thinking about your office security. Our commercial locksmiths are often called out to help local Melbourne businesses assess their business security solutions. The type of security you choose is dependent on your business location (off-street, on street, business park etc) and the suburb in which you live. (See our Suburb in Focus blog which gives current crime stats for Melbourne suburbs).


Business Security Solutions

Safe and simple business security solutions exist for small businesses. Our Melbourne based locksmiths offer plenty of solutions. Keyless entry locks, wirelessly integrated security systems and smartphone compatible security software are just some of the options. 

  1. Access Control

Access Control allows different levels of access to your employees without the need for old-fashioned keys.

  • Assa Abloy Aperio Access Control

Our Melbourne locksmiths are able to install an Assa Abloy Aperio access control system. This is a leading Australian manufacturer of locks and locking systems with advanced products in the field of electromechanical locking technology. These products meet all the strict Australian standards and the best part is they are simple easy-to-use solutions. This makes access control a straight-forward and intelligent way to upgrade the security level of your premises. The pros of the Aperio Access Control System are:

  • Wireless
  • Can be fitted to any door
  • Works in real time
  • Built-in memory 
  • Salto Networked Locking System

Another option in the world of Access Control is the flexible and functional Salto system. This is also a wireless system which can be installed quickly. Our locksmiths can help you identify which system is best suited to your business needs.


  1. Install a proper alarm system

Don’t overlook the importance of being alerted if something should go wrong on your business property. A good alarm system will warn you if a door is left open or if there is a security breach on your premises. Being able to act as soon as a problem occurs can help prevent any further issues from arising.

  1. CCTV

CCTV is a standard feature on most business premises these days. With wireless cameras compatible with smartphones, installation and video monitoring has never been easier. The trick is to position and angle your cameras properly so that your property gets full coverage.

  1. Fire-resistant and Theft-proof Safes

Plenty of small businesses keep hardcopy versions of important documents. If you have sensitive information on your business premises, then it is wise to invest in a fire-resistant and theft proof safe. If your business takes cash payments, then a deposit safe is a practical solution to keeping your cash secure. At Amalgamated Locksmiths, we offer our Melbourne customers a range of digital, electronic and combination safes. We will help you select a safe that is the right one for your business needs.

  1. Work with a reputable locksmith company

Ensure the company you choose to assess, advise and install your business security solutions complies with the latest Australian Industry Standards.  At Amalgamated Locksmiths, all of our locksmiths are members of the Master Locksmiths Association Australia (MLAA). We are up-to-date with the best security solutions and offer a trustworthy professional service.