Automative locksmith expert advice

I’m locked out of my car: what do I do?

It’s a nightmare you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy: getting locked out of your car.

Here’s what you can do if you find yourself locked out.

Get into a safe position

If you are on a busy freeway, highway or main road, get yourself out of traffic’s way. If it is not safe to stay nearby your car. So progress on foot to the safest space. Your life is much more valuable than your car.

Call us (of course)

Call us on 9988 9146 for an emergency automobile locksmith to be on site as soon as possible. We usually arrive within the hour, and often a lot sooner if you are in the Melbourne, Collingwood or Carlton areas and surrounds.

If you don’t have a phone

You will be surprised how helpful people are in emergencies. Ask the nearest passerby for use of their phone to call for help.

Don’t try to break in yourself

It may be tempting to try and break the lock yourself and be on your way. But, this can easily go wrong. You risk causing extensive damage to your car’s locking system.  Car security is very sophisticated and modern makes of cars have many features to make them harder to break into. It is much easier to wait for a locksmith or someone to arrive with a spare set of keys. Otherwise, you could cause thousands of dollars of damage to your car.

Call emergency if children are locked inside

If you have children locked inside your car, call 000 for immediate assistance. It is important to get children (and even pets) out of the car as soon as possible. So, do not wait for help or a locksmith if there are children locked in the car – call emergency immediately. Even on cooler days, cars can warm up quickly, which is dangerous for anyone locked inside.

Consider waiting

If your car is in a sensible and safe location (eg a train station) it may be easier and more affordable to catch public transport home. Then, you can leave your car safely parked where it is. You can get the spare keys and make your way back to the car later in the day.

Consider your insurance

Some insurers cover road side assistance that includes help when keys are locked out of your car. So call your insurer to check if your policy covers you.

If you are locked out of your car and need an emergency locksmith, call us on 9988 9146 for immediate help.