Everyone loves a long weekend in Melbourne – especially thieves!


Many Melbourne residents go away for the Melbourne Cup long weekend so thieves have ample opportunity to scope properties in vulnerable suburbs – Fitzroy, Abbotsford, South Melbourne, Carlton, Collingwood and many more.

Here’s our expert security tips to minimise the risk to your property over the Melbourne Cup long weekend.

Brick House Red Door in Winter

Long weekend security tip #1: Ask a neighbour for help

Enlist a trusty neighbour to keep an eye on the property and especially bring the bins in. Nothing screams vacant property like empty bins left on the curb for days. Your neighbour can also empty your letterbox of junk mail, grab your newspaper delivery and generally keep an eye on your home.

Long weekend security tip#2: Don’t advertise your absence on social media

Shouting out on social media that you’re off to the beach is fine amongst trusted friends. But if your social media privacy settings enable anyone to see your posts, well, anyone can see your posts!  That includes thieves, who like nothing better than advance notice that you’ll be away from your home for a time. By all means, share updates on social media. But make sure only trusted friends see them, not a random you worked with ten years ago.

Long weekend security tip #3: Lights and security

If you have a home security alarm, check it thoroughly before you leave. It’s easy to get complacent when you have a home alarm, but if you don’t maintain it and check it regularly, it’s useless.  If you have a timer, set your lights to reflect typical household usage. Don’t leave lights on all night. You’ll have an expensive electricity bill and homes lit up at 4am but silent are glaringly obvious to would-be thieves.

Long weekend security tip #4 keep items hidden from view

Move your flat screen TV and your latest model gaming console away from the window.  Thieves love to case a property in advance and see what they can grab quickly. Don’t leave cash on the bench or a fancy jewellery box on the bedroom table. Thieves love cash, electronics and jewels. If they see these items from the outside they’ll be very tempted to smash and grab on a long weekend.

Long weekend security tip #5: keep blinds open

It’s tempting to close blinds so thieves can’t see in. But, if your blinds are typically open during the day, closed blinds are a strong signal that your routine has changed. Admittedly, blinds open at night is also a signal to burglars that you aren’t home. It’s a dilemma. We believe that thieves most often case properties during the day. So having the property looking lived in during daylight hours is the best bet.