It’s trick or treat time!

Halloween is getting more and more popular each year – Australian families enjoying the fun of decorating the home and trick or treating.

But Halloween brings its own unique set of home security challenges. Thieves love Halloween because they know in advance when you’re going to be out of the home. They don’t even have to worry about hiding their appearance – a Halloween costume makes a perfect disguise.


It’s not just thieves. Halloween is the perfect time for pranksters and vandals to do some damage and young teens can often be the culprit.

Here’s some tips to make sure your Halloween holiday is safe and free from unwanted visitors from thieves.

Stay at home

If taking children trick or treating it’s a good idea for one parent or family member to stay at home while the other goes trick or treating.  After all, someone needs to stay home to hand out treats to the trick or treaters!

Check alarms

If you are disabling your alarm because you’re expecting plenty of trick or treaters make sure to re-set it again promptly. Better still, check the settings on your alarm so that it can still be active even though many people are coming to the front door.

No strangers inside

Keep your treats by the front door and don’t let visitors inside. Check your peephole before opening the front door.

Bathe your property in light

Make sure that your home outdoor lighting is on at all times and take advantage of Halloween decorations that light up your home even further. Thieves like darkness and a well-lit home will deter them from your property.

Park your car in the garage

If your Halloween visitors decide you deserve a trick, your car might be the victim. Cars can be egged or covered in toilet paper, which can be costly to remove or cause permanent damage. So, it’s safer to park the car in the garage, or round the corner from your home.

Keep trick or treaters safe

Make sure children trick or treating understand the difference between harmless fun and actual vandalism. Also enforce a strict deadline for children to be home, and do not allow children to eat home baked goods.

Try the balloon system

Many neighbourhoods use a balloon system on Halloween. If you’re happy to welcome trick or treaters, attach a balloon to the letterbox. This ensures children are not bothering people who don’t want to participate.

Happy Trick or Treating!